Sunday, November 18, 2007

Muslim Gymnastics

Over the past week, i've been talking to a guy who called and mentioned he was interested in Islam. Tonight I finally met with David, and we talked more in depth about Islam. He wanted to know what his daily obligations were...he had read about Islam, and got some info from the internet, but said that growing up he had met several Muslims while in college, and was impressed at how they always prayed, and washed themselves! When i asked him if he wanted more information about Islam or become a Muslim now....he said he was ready NOW! We did shahada together at starbuck's then went to the masjid in downtown Dayton. I showed him how to make wudu and he prayed maghrib with us in congregation. I reviewed praying with him, and told him just to repeat the Shahada as he was praying and add AllahuAkbar between positions--and that we'd add a new level to the prayer each week. Alhamdulillah....

David is from Ecuador, just turned 30 yesterday, and is a gymnastics coach for kids (he qualified for Sydney olympics)...he was raised Catholic. Today he is Muslim!


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